Folks, head down to the bank and cash that hundred-dollar bill for a sweet stack of ones—you're going to need a lot of singles when Magic Mike hits the silver screen on June 29.

The abs-olutely fabulous flick stars Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and Alex Pettyfer, and E! News chatted with the mantastic cast in Los Angeles at the press junket on Sunday.

Read on to hear about Tatum's signature "butt clap" (we're not kidding) and why he believes he's responsible for Matthew's wedded bliss.

"I only do a [butt] clap for jewelry and a hundred-dollar bill," cracked Tatum about his infamous dance move. "I'm from the South, we can all make it clap in the South."

So where'd he learn all those, um, nifty moves? Tatum says it has a lot to do with his younger days growing up in Florida.

"In the South you just sort of dance like that," he explains. "It's a huge Latin community, and when you have booty music, that's how you all get to know each other, you know, in high school. When you grow up in Florida, between 13 and 15, you're always going to a birthday party for someone that is of Latin descent, and it's all [dance-oriented], and I just got tired of being the tall skinny white kid. I couldn't talk to girls and I couldn't dance, so I eventually figured one out."

He certainly did!

And although there wasn't any shortage of half-naked men on the set of Magic Mike, Tatum says he stopped noticing them after a while.

"You kind of become blind to that after," he notes. "The first time, you're really, really aware of it."

"You wanna get to a place when you're to blind to it," adds McConaughey. "You wanna get to that place where you're sitting there, making a sandwich, talking to somebody about football or the shot or something, and you go, 'Oh yeah, I'm in a thong.' To see [Channing] talking to [director Steven] Soderbergh about a scene...standing there in a red thong, straight-facing it, is funny. Technical talk in a thong."

"It's only weird if you make it weird," Tatum chimes in.

As for whether they've showed off their dance moves to their significant others?

"My wife [Jenna Dewan] married a stripper, so it was sort of a prerequisite as far as she was concerned," jokes Tatum. "She was like, 'You gotta check the box.'"

Speaking of significant others, Tatum says he takes "complete responsibility" for McConaughey's recent wedding to his lovely longtime partner, Camila Alves.

"They've been together for a while, they have little babies together, but not until after this movie did it actually happen," Tatum quips."She came to watch him dance, watched his talents onstage, went home, wrote the [wedding] invitation and said, 'Here, this is what it's gonna be'" he explains, before proudly adding, "I did that!"

"He did it," nods McConaughey.

Talk about being a best man!

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