Ladies (and gents) start practicing your stripper scream—you can feast your eyes on the mantastic meat that is Magic Mike in just five days!

The highly anticipated stripper flick starring Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer hits the big screen June 29, and E!'s own Kristina Guerrero caught up with the abtastic cast in Los Angeles on Sunday for some seriously sexy stuff.

Want to hear Alex Pettyfer talk about his American-flag stripper thong? Then look no further—it's raining Magic men.

Pettyfer explains how he was approached by director Steven Soderbergh for the role and hopped on board with the stripper flick, despite not knowing entirely what to expect:

"Next thing I know I'm in a costume fitting with an American-flag thong with everything hanging out and I go ‘I've really just got to dive into this head first'," the handsome star tells E! News. "And I did and it scared me and I was terrified about the dancing."

Despite Alex's slick moves in the flick, he also reveals that he had never danced before and had to overcome his fear of performing stripping for a live audience:

"I've never danced in my life," Pettyfer shares. "I can't put one foot in front of the other, let along shake it...But you know what I learned—apart from Channing's amazing dancing—the funnier, the grimier, the dirtier it is, the bigger reaction you get."

Although the film was inspired by Channing's former dancing days, Alex admits that he could totally relate to his character's first experience onstage:

"When you see me come out for the first time with the song "Like a Virgin" is the first time I had ever performed any dance, it was the first time I had ever really been onstage in front of an audience. I've always been able to hide behind a camera. [Here], all the reactions you get are genuinely the same reactions you see in the movie because Stephen shoots the audience at the same time he's shooting you, so you really got to impress them."

Sounds like one lucky set of extras! And costar Cody Horn made sure to chime in on all the fun they had on-set:

"Anything, anything that happens while someone's in a thong is automatically hilarious."  

Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Check out the rest of the interview to hear where the stars went for "research," plus Pettyfer's take on Matthew McConaughey's sex appeal!

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