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Sorry, So You Think You Can Dance! Peace, Prettly Little Liars!

Sure, those shows are still some of our favorite summer guilty pleasures, but we here at Team WWK are obsessed with Teen Wolf, MTV's hit series that is totally killing it in its sophomore season.  (No slump here, thank you very much!)

With a new mythological creature on the loose (what up, Kanima?!), we chatted with creator Jeff Davis about what fans can expect from the rest of this season, including romance updates, deathwatch and more!

While season one built toward the big reveal of the Alpha in the finale, the identity of the Kanima will be unmasked tonight. (Davis also teases that hard-core fans "definitely won't want to miss [episode] nine.") Still, fans should expect "a big climax" at the end of season two. "Without giving anything away, episode 12 is titled ‘Master Plan,' so that should give fans a hint that all of the characters and their stories are definitely going to come crashing into each other," he says. 

As for the two deaths set to rock Beacon Hills, Davis tells us, "Not everyone survives this season, that much I can say. Whether it's one of our young six series regulars will have to remain a mystery. What I can say is that just as we started the season off bloody, we end it bloody. Very bloody."

One character fans may want to start worrying about? HAIC (Head Alpha in Charge, duh!) Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), whose current cockiness will "most definitely" come back to bite (pun fully intended!) him in the you-know-what. "When we sat down to talk about where Derek's character was headed this season, we talked about Greek heroes and how they had to temper their own egos. Viewers will see Derek eventually turning for help to the most unlikely of characters by the end of the season," Davis says.

There is also one relationship that may not survive season two: Scott (Tyler Posey) and Allison's (Crystal Reed) Romeo and Juliet-esque romance, which Davis says will be tested. "Staying together in the midst of werewolves, hunters and lizardlike creatures may prove to be impossible for Scott and Allison. Especially when she's trying to help her father and he's trying to protect the people who don't have the power to protect themselves."

Tyler Hoechlin, Teen Wolf

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As for fan favorite Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), whom Davis once told us would never play lacrosse, turn into a werewolf or kiss anyone during the series? Well, things are about to change for Scott's BFF. "One of those rules is broken in episode 11," Davis teases.

And yes, he confirms what we reported last week: Some of the wolves are heading to a gay bar! "The opening of episode six does indeed take place in and around a gay club involving several of the main characters. It's almost nonstop action with a big Derek-Kanima fight sequence," Davis explains. "It's something you don't see often in shows like ours. I think it turned out quite well. Let's just say this episode nearly broke our special effects budget, which isn't very big to begin with!"

Teen Wolf has a large online fanbase, thanks to sites like Twitter and Tumblr, and fans of the show (and certain couples) aren't shy about making their opinions known to Davis (he is aware that you all want "Sterek" to happen). Still, he is sure not to let the reactions lead the show's narrative.

"I try to stay on top of what fans are talking about, what they're reacting to on Twitter, Tumblr and message boards. I listen, but I don't necessarily react. One thing that upsets or frustrates a fan in episode four may actually have a big and very satisfying payoff in episode 10," he explains. "The only way I really know how to write is to first please myself as a viewer. Every time I've been able to do that as a storyteller, it's seemed to work out well."

Teen Wolf airs tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Who do you think the Kanima is? Which characters do you want to see make it to season three? Sound off in the comments!

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