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Oh, Kris Jenner, don't you know not to play with fire?!

Previously on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, our fave momager found her Achilles heel when it came to old flame Todd Waterman, but did she actually go through with seeing him?

Not a chance! Even though Kris comes close to meeting up with Todd, she says, "This just doesn't feel right—like I'm sneaking around. And maybe the healthiest thing for me to do is just not see Todd."

That's a smart move, Kris, and maybe you'll find the right moment to tell Bruce Jenner on that family vacay you're planning to Ireland. We mean the Dominican Republic. Actually, we aren't sure, because Kourtney Kardashian can't make up her mind on where she wants to go.

"Ever since Kourtney got pregnant she's extra indecisive, extra hormonal and it's really frustrating," Kim Kardashian says after Kourtney reveals she no longer wants to visit the Emerald Isle.

Meanwhile, Bruce takes pseudo son-in-law Scott Disick to the speedway for some racing. And while Bruce makes introductions he refers to Scott as his "friend." Apparently that's enough to set ole Scotty off! "We're a little bit more than just acquaintances," Scott says, right before leaving the racetrack without telling Bruce.

Yikes. It's not the best idea, especially considering the fam is about to go on vacay together. "On this vacation, I think probably the best thing for me to do, as far as Scott, is just kind of keep my distance," Bruce says. "I'm a little ticked off right now."

And Kim is getting ticked off at Kourtney's indecisiveness on wanting to go on the vacation. "I'm tired. I'm pregnant. I feel rushed," Kourtney says. "It doesn't feel natural to be going."

Whether Kourtney is coming or going, the rest of the family hops on the plane without her and is off to their waterfront villa in the Dominican Republic.

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But just what does the family find when they arrive? It's Khloé Kardashian Odom, who decided to come early and surprise the fam. Awww, how sweet is that?!

While the gang waits for Kim, Kourtney, Scott and Mason Disick, they start to go a little island crazy. As in Bruce getting increasingly mad at the idea of having to see Scott. And Khloé, Kendall and Kylie Jenner painting their bodies to sacrifice Kris to the pool gods—breaking their mother's toe in the process. Also, Bruce decides Kim should date Eric, the local golf pro, natch. All sanity is lost!

That is, until Kim shows up and brings some calm to the Kardashian storm. "I'm here now in the Dominican and I have to break the news to the whole family that Kourtney and Scott didn't make it," Kim says. "But I'm just ready to relax and enjoy this time here with the family."

Relaxing means going on a sailboat for the day and trying to forget that there are pieces of the family who are missing. For Kris, that means trying out the jet ski. And, as Khloé says, "My mom is really nuts. I don't think you're supposed to operate vehicles or heavy machinery once you're heavily intoxicated, and this b---h just decides to get on a jet ski with her prized possession on the back, Kim."

Kim knows the real reason that Khloé's upset, though, "I think Khloé's a little annoyed that Kourtney and Scott didn't make it."

Ask and you shall receive, Khloé! Because when the fam gets back on dry land they're greeted by Kourtney, Scott and Mason. Hooray!

Only, Scott isn't particularly in the mood to see everyone in the family. "So we're finally here in the Dominican Republic, but I'm not that excited to see Bruce because I've heard that he's been going around talking bad about me. It's pretty immature."

Some might argue that leaving a race track over the word "friend" is immature, but that's just semantics!

"I haven't seen Scott since he ditched me at the race," Bruce says. "I'm still a little frustrated with that, but I think the only way it's going to get better is if he apologizes to me."

Good luck getting that apology, Bruce! Especially since Scott tells Rob Kardashian that he has no real connection with Bruce, has no interest in a relationship with him and doesn't like that Bruce thinks he's Mason's grandfather. Ouch, Scott.

Bruce is about to get another shocker, too, because Kourtney—in her pregnancy-fueled hormonal haze—mentions that Kris was in contact with Todd over dinner. Oops.

"I'm not going to take relationship advice from you," Kourtney tells her mom, "who's going and meeting people from your past. It's disrespectful to Bruce."

"Who are you meeting from your past?" Bruce asks.

"I'm not meeting anybody from my past," Kris says.

"I am at a loss for words at this point," Bruce says. "Why would she even make contact with this Todd?" It's too much for Bruce to handle and he leaves the dinner completely.

Which triggers the rest of the fam to leave with him, much to Kris' dismay.

"I can't believe that everybody just once again, deserts me at dinner," Kris says. "You're gonna all make up your own little scenario in your head and you won't listen to one little thing I have to say, which is the truth."

Will Kris be able to tell Bruce the truth about what happened and salvage the trip, or is it all lost like Mason's penguin pool toy he loved so much?

Tune in next Sunday, July 1 for an all new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians at 9/8c only on E! to find out.

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