Alec Baldwin Jokes With David Letterman About Paparazzi Fight

"You're just burning to hold up the cover of the Daily News," 30 Rock star teased the Late Show host

By Natalie Finn Jun 21, 2012 2:00 AMTags
Alec Baldwin, David LettermanJohn Paul Filo/CBS

Jack Donaghy could learn a few things about spin from Alec Baldwin.

The 30 Rock star, who just yesterday had a run-in with a paparazzo outside New York City Hall, brought the funny to the Late Show With David Letterman tonight, obviously knowing that his gracious host would have a few questions about what went down.

"Let's get to it, shall we?" Baldwin said, shifting in his seat. "You were obviously burning to hold up the cover of the Daily News."

Which, by the way, was plastered with the headline, "30 Rocky."

"I mean," Letterman began, "there's a very fine line because...they have this picture, somebody took this picture, so what are they going to do? They're going to publish it. But the picture, without knowing the true story, tells a tale that's often not true."

Photographer Marcus Santos told the Daily News that he was just trying to do his job—snap pics of Baldwin and fiancée Hilaria Thomas leaving the City Marriage License Bureau—when the actor allegedly punched him.

The Emmy winner later tweeted that he was the one who was almost hit in the face by a pap's camera that morning, and his rep denied that punches were thrown. "Any subsequent physical contact was simply Alec protecting himself," Matthew Hiltzik told E! News.

"If this was me," the Late Show funnyman continued, holding up the paper's photo of Baldwin trying, it would appear, to physically prevent a photographer from getting near him. "I mean, look at how good you look! This is the guy who stuffed the camera right in your face...what's this guy's name?"

Skirting that question, Baldwin pointed to the pic of his angry self and said, "I think you can see I'm forming the letter F with my mouth. And what I'm saying is...'What F-stop are you on with the camera?' And he said, 'I'm on a something,' and I said, 'That's not the F-stop...You have to set the camera on the right F-stop!'"

We bet Baldwin had a few things to say about the guy's shutter speed, too.