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Just because American Idol is over, doesn't mean we have to forget the top ten who sang their way into our living rooms every week for three months. With their insta-fame fleeting, a long summer tour is just the thing to keep these would-be-superstars in the spotlight while they figure out what comes next.

So who is already being pegged as the tour diva, who do the top 10 think should replace Jennifer Lopez and how is Idol winner Phillip Phillips doing post-surgery? We got the scoop!

These days, it's really not summer unless an American Idol tour rolls through a city near you. All the hits and familiar faces will be taking the stage to give fans a three-hour show full of surprises. We had the chance to catch up with the top 10 at an exclusive press conference and according to Joshua Ledet, rehearsals have felt like coming home.

"It's so great being back with everyone," he said, smiling. "Everyone came back together like a family. We're all here support each other with our careers now, so it feels great."

Erika Van Pelt echoed Joshua's sentiments and spilled that they even have a secret language only they can understand!

"We have our own language that no one understands at all, and I'm not even sure we understand it, but we use it anyway. We all call each other ‘Boo-Boo,' and I'm pretty sure Joshua and Hollie [Cavanagh] started that. We also say ‘Magagupay' and ‘Magagupishka,'  but we're not even sure what that means. Those are just words that can be used for anything!"

While news of their secret language may stir those warm fuzzies inside, Deandre Brackensick says there will definitely be some diva behavior aboard the bus!

"I think we all have our diva moments," he told us. "It just depends on what we're putting out. I have them. Everyone has them."

Speaking of divas, the question everyone is still asking is if Jennifer Lopez will be returning to the judges' table next season. While the top 10 hopes she'll stay on, they did share their opinion on who would be able to fill her shoes.

"I can't even see someone replacing Jennifer Lopez, she's an icon," Jessica Sanchez said. "Musicwise, fashionwise, she's it."

"It would be hard to replace her," Joshua added. "But if there was anyone to be in that spot, it would have to be one of the strongest women in music, Beyoncé Knowles."

Phillip Phillips, American Idol Finale

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While America's newest idol. Phillip Phillips was noticeably absent for the majority of the press conference, he did stop by to say hello and updated us on everything he's been up to since winning the competition!

"I've just been laying in the bed," he told us. "I haven't been able to do anything really, just resting and recovery. I'm pretty confident [I'll make it through the whole tour.] I'm going to have fun with it. I've been recovering, but practicing when I can. It's going to go well. "

Are you going to the American Idol Live tour? Who are you most excited to see? Tell us in the comments!

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