Homeland Boss Dishes on Season Two, Carrie's Memory Loss and More

Exclusive! Creator Howard Gordon tells us that Brody and Carrie will still be drawn to each other when the Showtime hit series returns September 30

By Lisa Abdolian Jun 20, 2012 7:09 PMTags
Claire Danes, HomelandKent Smith/Showtime

Wake us when September ends...

Why? Because that's when Homeland, one of our TV obsessions, returns. (Well, September 30, to be exact.) Fans of the critically acclaimed Showtime drama can expect another nail-biting season with Carrie (Claire Danes) off on another mission in the Middle East and Brody (Damian Lewis) working his way up the political ladder, according to creator Howard Gordon, who sat down with us at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival to tease season two...

Season two opens about six months after the finale, with Carrie in a "centered, healthy place" emotionally, but physically back in the hot spot that causes so much of her emotional distress. The ECT has knocked some of her memories away, including the link between Brody and Nazir (Navid Negahban), but they're not gone forever, Gordon explains.

"She'll remember, but not in a way you'd expect," he teases. Viewers will also learn just how important family is to emotionally fragile Carrie and will see those relationships develop more next season.

"Carrie was important to us as a woman of a certain age who has never engaged in the very human parts of life like love, like family," Gordon tells us. "She always kept the world at arm's length in the name of her mission and so we are going to see how important her father and sister are to her. And also we are going to see where she places herself as a women in the world who is entitled to have those things—is she entitled to have those things, does she think she's entitled to have those things?"

Family will also be on Brody's mind as he wrestles with his relationship with his now-suspicious daughter, whose call stopped him from blowing up the bunker.


"We ended with so many open questions that were not necessarily clear about what it really meant," Gordon explains. "Like Brody, after he didn't push the button, explains himself to Abu Nazir, says, ‘Let me stay and be a politician and I'll influence policy from the inside.' But I think that's just what he said and Abu Nazir said, ‘Great, kill Walker and go home.' But did Brody mean it? Did Abu Nazir trust him entirely? We'll find out."

Gordon hints that we'll see more of Nazir next season as we learn whether Brody is a good guy or bad guy. He also adds that Brody and Carrie will still be drawn to each other in their own damaged way, although it's unclear exactly what they'll do about it.

And what about the CIA mole? Gordon says his/her identity is ultimately unimportant to the show's writers. "Will we reveal the mole? Maybe, we might. Everybody asks the question, but to us, it almost doesn't matter. It's a question that surprises us. We think we know who it is."

What do you think? Is the mole important? Is Brody a good guy or bad guy? Sound off in the comments!

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