Lady Gaga Spotted With Taylor Kinney—and an Emu—Down Under

Tourist spies singer and her beau at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney

By Claudia Rosenbaum Jun 20, 2012 6:31 PMTags
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Talk about your star sightings!

Not only did one lucky fan in Australia get to see Lady Gaga with her Vampire Diaries dude, Taylor Kinney, but she even managed to snap a few pics in the process.

"I'm staying in Sydney and I'm a huge Gaga fan," Nolan Taylor, who was visiting the city with her best friend, tells E! News. "It's crazy because we knew she was in town for her tour and whatnot, but it never really crossed our minds that we might see her."

Well, all that changed when Nolan and her pal decided to hit up the Taronga Zoo earlier this week.

"My friend was like, 'Who does that look like to you?'" recalls Nolan. "I saw the heels and the fishnets, then I saw Taylor. Lady Gaga was at the zoo! It was so crazy. I snapped the photos...and just watched them for a few minutes."

Nolan adds, "I felt like a paparazzo. I didn't really want to go up and introduce myself because she was with her boyfriend. But I did yell 'Gaga' and I waved at her. She returned the favor by waving and also blew me a kiss. It was awesome. I didn't follow her much after that, but from what I saw, she looked like she was having a great day off. She and Taylor were smiling, laughing and, at one point, even had her arm wrapped in his. It was hot, though, so I left soon after."

Taylor seemed to be sporting some new facial hair and Gaga looked low-key, but still sported her usual sky-high heels that made her stand out.

"They both seemed really happy and glad to be back together," Nolan says. "They even took pictures with an Emu! So cute."

Nolan notes that at no point did the zoo close down for the "Born This Way" songstress.

"Her social status was never really made. It wasn't all, make room for Gaga! She was just like any other tourist. Who knew a vacation to Australia would result in me seeing one of my favorite singers?"