It may be Edward Cullen's 111th birthday today, but Twilight fans are the ones receiving quite the gift.

On the heels of the 10-second teaser that was released yesterday comes the brand-new trailer for the highly anticipated (an understatement, we know) Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Unlike the last installment of the wildly popular Twilight Saga franchise, Part 2 really seems hell-bent on ramping up the action.

And how can it not?

After all, you've got the Volturi, who are anything but happy after learning that Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) have a newborn daughter they think is an immortal child.

Naturally, this eventually leads to quite the climactic showdown, with the Cullens reaching out to some additional vampires for assistance.

Of course, right there in the thick of it is Bella, who's determined to use her newly acquired undead skills (and motherly instincts) to keep her daughter Renesmee out of harm's way.

"I'll never let anybody hurt you," Bella tells her offspring at one point.

We're guessing she's going to make good on that promise.

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