Alec Baldwin's Paparazzi Altercation: Photographer Goran Veljic Talks Scuffle

Nearby photog talks to E! News about what happened between the actor and another pap

By Bruna Nessif Jun 20, 2012 4:35 AMTags

It's time to hear more.

Reports started blowing up about Alec Baldwin getting into a physical altercation with paparazzi today while going to get his marriage license. The actor's rep immediately denied that any punches were thrown.

But Goran Veljic, a photographer that was nearby, has his own account of what happened.

"They were surprised when Alec came here," Veljic told E! News of the photographers. "He started to push up his hands to talk nonverbal and pushed one of the photographers."

Veljic dismisses the idea that it was the photogs that provoked Baldwin.

"No, they are professional photographers, they moved back...I've never seen something like this."

He also adds that Baldwin arrived in a seemingly bad mood, saying he "didn't look like someone coming for a marriage license."

We guess someone was just having a bad day all around.

—Reporting by Alicia Quarles