Vanessa Minnello, Vanessa Lachey


Wanna play a game?

As part of her "Maternity Mondays," Vanessa Lachey prompted her Twitter followers to play a game with her that involved posting photos of their baby bumps.

"Show me your bump and I'll show you mine!" she wrote, "Let's embrace our changing bodies!… Let's get creative!" 

After receiving and responding to multiple posts by fans, it was Lachey's turn to post a photo.

"Thanks for sharing all your Beautiful baby bumps & embracing your bodies! As promised, here's one took. ," she tweeted.

Is Nick a part-time photographer or what?!

The photo is a beautiful silhouette of Vanessa laying in a shallow pool while wearing a bikini that perfectly flaunts her baby bump, and as if that wasn't amazing enough, there's a sunset in the background.

Simply perfect.

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