As anticipation builds for Christopher Nolan's third and final Batman filmThe Dark Knight Rises, the latest trailer released Tuesday is set to send chills down all Batman fanatics' spines.

"Do you think he's coming back?" a young boy is seen asking a Gotham City police officer (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). "I don't know," the cop replies.

From there, we see Gotham engulfed in terrorist mayhem at the hands of Batman's newest foe, Bane. A victim of chemical testing, Batman's nemesis makes life extremely hard for our favorite semi-retired Caped Crusader.

Over electrifying images of Batman chasing Bane on his Batwing, shots of hijacked planes, flipped-over cars, swarms of armed police officers, panoramic views of the deteriorating city and "Gotham's reckoning" tossing our hero's mask to the ground, Christian Bale's Batman whispers, "I'm not afraid. I'm angry."

If that doesn't have you squirming in your seat just yet, stand by for a frisky feline in latex: The trailer offers a few purr-fect peeks of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman stealing the Batpod.

The summer blockbuster hits theaters on July 20.

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