Are your Spidey senses tingling?! Because there are less than three short weeks left until (one of) the biggest superhero flicks of the summer hits theaters.

Of course, we're talking about The Amazing Spider-Man, the highly anticipated reboot of the web-shootin' series starring Andrew Garfield as our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man himself and Emma Stone as his first true love, Gwen Stacy.

But forget those lovesick teens, what about the big baddie in the movie: The Lizard? Just how bad is he, exactly?!

"Connors is fascinating, because he isn't strictly a bad-ass villain," Rhys Ifans revealed to E!'s own Alicia Quarles about Dr. Curt Connors. "He's a good guy that wants to do good things and serve humanity and I was interested by his moral and ethical dilemma as to how his apply his scientific discoveries."

But while the doc might be simply misunderstood, The Lizard is hardly a good guy. And Rhys was willing to deliver on the scares…just ask Emma Stone!

"I was in the closet and The Lizard is talking to me when I'm hiding," Emma recalled. "And the actual lines for the Lizard are, like, 'I can smell your perfume' and they were playing over the loud speaker for me. But I asked Rhys to record something that would just really, truly terrify me. Not as Gwen, but me as Emma."

So what exactly did Rhys conjure up? Neither of 'em are spilling!

"He said some horrifying, horrifying things. It was awful," Emma explained. "And he was so incredible to do it, but everyone on set was like, 'I'm going to have nightmares.' It was like being in a horror movie...He terrified the crap out of me…which was so amazing of him to do."

As for Rhys, all he's say about his costar is, "She's great and great to work with. I love her voice… She was fun to scare...[director Marc Webb] wanted us to be really spooked out. They were just shooting her locked in this little closet and I had to go off and shoot something else that afternoon so they wanted a tape of my voice, ya know, wandering around the lab and I did a dark, filthy version that would obviously never make it to the film."

Who knows, maybe it'll make the unedited, NC-17 director's cut?! Or at least as a DVD extra…

So how was Rhys able to channel all that anger? Simple: a lack of patience!

"The longest would be seven or eight hours with four or five makeup artists working on me," Rhys said about his transformation into his scaly alter-ego. "That was the thing I dreaded most…After seven hours of sitting in a chair watching yourself turn into a lizard, you're kind of appropriately mad. So when it comes to shooting the scene you're kind of crazy."

Guess Doc Ock (not to mention the Green Goblin, Sandman and Venom) from yesteryear will have to watch their backs—there's a new Spider-Man baddie in town! And he's got a tail!

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