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Words to live by, people.

E! News exclusively talked to Max Page, otherwise known as the Little Darth Vader from Volkswagen's Super Bowl ad last year, as he recovers from his open-heart surgery after leaving the hospital yesterday (at precisely 5:04 p.m., Max shared).

So how's he holdin' up?

Pretty good, considering the situation, and that's partly thanks to milkshakes.

"I had [a milkshake] when I got home. It was vanilla, my favorite. It was so good," Max told us, and even shared his new motto, "A milkshake a day keeps the tears away...I drank milkshakes in the hospital too, and I haven't gotten sick of them yet! I'm going to keep drinking them!"

Luckily, Page has been recovering well after getting his pulmonary valve replaced.

"I'm feeling great. I'm feeling no pain…everything at home is so much easier than the hospital," the 7-year-old told E! News.

We think it's pretty clear that Max has been pretty courageous throughout the whole process, but he does admit that one moment got him pretty scared, and that was "when they took my test tubes out [after surgery]."

Regardless, Page's dad, Buck, applauds his son for being such a big boy.

"Max going in was so brave," he told us. "Max has never seen the movie Star Wars—he's not quite ready for that yet—but a couple days before we checked in, he saw a Darth Vader head set, like earphones in the hospital and he said to my wife, 'I want that!' She asked him why and he told her, 'Because when I'm Darth Vader I feel strong.'"

During recovery, Page is expected to lie low, so his family "funned up the house," by turning the garage into an "explode zone" full of arts and crafts, the living room into "the hang room" which is filled with hundreds of stuffed animals and the dining room into "the piece room" where Max and his brother can build things with the different Legos and blocks.

"The expectations for him are great," Buck told E! News. "The doc said to us a long time ago, 'Take him home and raise him as a little boy.' Even though there are these issues, that's what we've decided to do. This is only one chapter.

"We have such family and friends who support us. Max with his notoriety with the commercial and his shows, has made  the country has reach out to us. For our family to be the center of these warm, loving well wishes from across the country is staggering and overwhelming."

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