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Has Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) finally met her match? 

Revenge may be adding the battle of the mean mothers to its agenda next season, with Madeleine Stowe all set to be pitted against another Hollywood heavyweight as Emily's (Emily VanCamp) long-lost psychologically impaired mother.

But wait, Victoria boarded a plane that blew up, right?! We chatted with Stowe and Joshua Bowman at the Monte Carlo TV Festival about season two, Victoria's fate and the highly anticipated debut of Emily's mama!

Fret not, Revenge fans: We all know it would take more than a little bomb to kill Victoria Grayson, queen of the Hamptons!

 "She's not dead," Bowman tells us exclusively. "You can't kill off Victoria!"

So yes, you can all put down the red Sharpies as there's no need to exact revenge on creator Mike Kelley just yet. But what will the next season bring? Stowe let slip a juicy season-two tease while chatting with us about Emily's mother, who was revealed to be alive in the season finale. 

"My understanding is we're antagonistic toward each other," she says, before quickly adding that this will happen if Victoria returns, of course. Her top choice for the part? Marcia Gay Harden!

 "I would love a wonderful, strong actress who is a contemporary to play with. I'd love Marcia Gay Harden, but I don't know if she's been discussed for this," Madeleine tells us. "She would be fantastic. There are great actors on the show, but it would be fun to work with someone who is my contemporary."

Marcia Gay Harden

Amanda Edwards/WireImage

And just like his onscreen mother, Bowman would also like to see Harden take on the role, telling us, "Marcia Gay Harden would be great. It's got to be someone who's got a little bit of a screw loose and can do that well. Marcia's done that a few times; she's good at it."

As for Daniel, Bowman speculates that Daniel is going to get as dark as ABC will allow, a turn possibly fueled, in part, by his guilt about the intense conversation he had with his mother before she boarded the plane. 

"I mean if your mother died, I'm sure you'd be plagued with guilt," he reasons. "Within the ABC parameter, [Daniel] can't get too dark, but I'm sure that he's going to have this kind of M.O. throughout in terms of this sort of darker side to him."

Head on down to the comments and tell us who you think should play Emily's mother! Do you agree that Marcia Gay Harden is perfect for the part? 

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