Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

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Dear Ted:
I've been seeing a few family pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and dare I say it seems to me like they're not the happiest couple around. I mean c'mon, they're supposed to be happy and in love more than ever with the engagement, right? What's the real deal with them anyway?

Dear Beware of Bridezilla:
The real deal is that the couple is doing just fine, A. And while there are sure to be some less-than-pleased pics of the twosome before their big day, it has more to do with lugging around a handful-plus of kids while those pesky paparazzi invade their personal space than it does with any wedding woes. As far as this couple goes, the drama is in the past. Well, for the most part.

Dear Ted:
What's this I hear about a Twilight reboot? What does it mean exactly? A new Edward and Bella? Does Stephenie Meyer approve? Cupcake and I have got to know!
—Cupcake and Liz

Dear Robsten Rebound:
Don't fret yet, babes, because there isn't going to be one—a reboot, that is—yet. In the future? I would bet some serious moolah we'll see new actors step into the vampy saga made famous by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. And I think Ms. Meyer will more than approve. Just not for a few more years (she's got The Host to keep her pockets warm in the meantime, after all).

Dear Ted:
Unable to escape the constant barrage of Fifty Shades of Grey casting news, I heard something that actually piqued my interest in the movie: Emmy Rossum as Ana? I love Emmy, she's an amazing talent—ever seen Shameless? Any chance of this casting choice happening, and what are your thoughts on it? I think I'd actually spend my money on seeing the movie if she were in it.
—Leg S

Dear From Phantom to Fornication:
Yes, Emmy's name has certainly been tossed in the ring a few times (even by Bret Easton Ellis, who wants to adapt the sexy saga for the big screen). And while I previously would have thought it'd be far too raunchy for the usually vanilla babe, she's made it very clear that's so not the case. Still think she might be just a bit too old.

Dear Ted:
I've been trying to figure out what Vice Demi Lovato could be. Is she Coco Crack-Head?

Dear Crack is Wack:
Not the worst guess ever, Katie, but Demi is not our pizzeria patroness. Think less obvious about her secrets—nowadays, at least.

Dear Ted:
What's with casting in movies? Anne Hathaway as Fantine in Les Miz?! What an insult to the role and the movie that will no doubt fail.

Dear Miz-erable:
Give Anne a break, won't ya Benson?! She got enough crap for taking on Catwoman (which, I hear, she's very good at) and now she can't win with Les Miz either?! Especially since other casting for the flick is far more troublesome.

Dear Ted:
Will there ever be a delicious tell-all about The Twilight Saga? Loving your column and your support for the critters!

Dear Blabbermouth:
As I said yesterday, I doubt it…at least not anytime soon. All it will take is one actor's career to falter in the future and I'm sure he or she would have no problem cashing in on revealing some on-set secrets. Which is to say, some cast members better be wishing their now former costars continue on with their success.

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