Welcome to Croatia.

Unlike previous episodes, it was Emily Maynard who delivered the first one-on-one date card—to Travis.

The pair explored the city of Dubrovnik together like two regular tourists (or "fish outta water" as Emily put it), not two reality stars looking for love.

Travis shared that he'd been out of the dating scene for two years (since his engagement fell through), and although we thought the two had a great time on their date, Travis didn't get the rose.

Apparently, the romance wasn't there for Emily.

The next day was the group date, so all the guys (except Ryan, who scored a one-on-one) joined Maynard for a special screening of Disney's Brave. Yeah, imagine a movie date with six guys.


After the movie, the fellas changed into kilts and tanks to compete in their own Highlands games by competing in three different activities.

Some struck out (Hi, Chris!), while others looked "freakin' hot," (Hey, Sean!).  And even though Chris didn't impress on the physical front, he still managed to get the date rose. Well done!

The ever-so-charming Ryan brought out his A-game for his second one-on-one date, of course, with all the smooth talk and "trophy wife" talk.

That didn't exactly sit well with Emily, but because she can't deny their chemistry, she keeps flip-flopping on her feelings for this guy "hourly." Plus, Ryan dropped the trophy wife talk after a while and instead, read a list of 12 things he looks for in a woman, which included being loyal, faithful and magnetic.

His list didn't match Emily's non-negotiables and that led to tonight's biggest shocker—Ryan didn't get the rose.

Yes, you read that right—did not.

"This is the first time that I don't know if I'm making the right choice, and that's what makes this so hard," she told him.

Surprise! Arie showed up at Emily's door after she gave Ryan the boot to reassure her that she made the right decision sending him home, and in turn, she informally gave him a rose.

During the actual rose ceremony, John and Doug were the last two men standing, and after consulting with Chris Harrison, Emily shared that she couldn't give out the final rose tonight.

So both of them are going home tonight?!

No, friends.

Instead, Chris brought an extra rose out, so nobody was sent packin' from the rose ceremony.

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