Happy Birthday, Zoe Saldana! Avatar Hottie Turns 34

Actress celebrates 34 years of diverse roles

By Kaelyn Malkoski Jun 19, 2012 11:00 AMTags
Zoe SaldanaMark Woodworth/BFAnyc/Sipa Press

Zoe Saldana is used to working months—even years—to flawlessly embody a character. 

We remember her most famously as Neytiri, the protagonist of the hit 2009 movie Avatar, a role that she spent a year and a half honing, including 6 months of intense training in archery, horseback riding and martial arts.

Today, however, we don't solely celebrate her impressive characters. We also celebrate Zoe herself—the real deal, pure, genuine and wildly talented one who turns 34 today,

In addition to her career-making role in Avatar, the New Jersey-born star's other memorable and diverse characters include her breakout role Eva in Center Stage (2000), the ultra-cool Uhura in Star Trek (2009) and the kick-ass assassin Cataleya in Colombiana (2011). She is currently filming Blood Ties, set to be released in 2013. It's also rumored that she will return to her Neytiri roots in Avatar 2.

So, happy birthday Zoe! Never change…well, except when it comes to taking on your next role.