Drake, Chris Brown

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Things are far from over for Breezy and Drizzy.

A new bystander has come forward claiming she was injured at last week's bar brawl allegedly involving Chris Brown and Drake, who says she sustained two gashes on her arm that required 12 stitches.

Lucy Pavlovsky, who was reportedly partying at the bar with Fabolous when the brawl erupted, is planning to sue the now-shuttered W.i.P. nightclub, E! News has learned. (She'll be sitting down exclusively with E! News tonight at 7 and 11:30 p.m. for her first interview.)

Her lawyer, Javier Solano, also tells E! News exclusively that they will consider legal action against Brown, Drake and their respective entourages if evidence points to their direct involvement in the bottle-smashing altercation that left 24-year-old Pavloskly and several others hospitalized.

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Per Solano, Pavlovsky, a financial forecaster for Macy's who lives in New Jersey, was partying at the club early Thursday morning and was sitting at a table with Fabolous. Ne-Yo was supposedly at the table to her right, while Brown and his crew were to her left.

"Directly across, Drake had one table," Solano tells E! News. "I think Mary J. Blige had another table, and the rapper Meek Mill...he had a table as well, or he was with Drake's party, and the bottles were completely flying from the VIP section of the room."

He claims Pavlovsky was hit with "either a bottle or shards of glass that were flying" and sustained two separate cuts on her arm; one required eight stitches and the other required four.

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As for Brown and Drake's alleged involvement, "If it turns out that we have information that they were the ones at any point that threw a bottle, then they certainly will be made a defendant," he says.

"Secondly, if they were not the ones that threw the bottle, but the people that they employed threw the bottle," Solano adds, "then the employer should be held responsible."

As for his client, he says that Pavlovsky is "a lovely young woman, and she's no one other than your typical young woman who hangs out and goes to clubs and parties every now and then, and goes to work."

W.i.P. was shut down by law-enforcement officials over the weekend, and on Saturday, Drake spoke out for the first time since the dustup, alluding to the incident during a concert in Long Island, N.Y.

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