Go Inside Giuliana and Bill Rancic's Boy-Revealing Baby Shower!

E! News got an exclusive look inside the Father's Day at which the expectant couple revealed the gender of their baby-to-be. Check it out!

By Gina Serpe Jun 18, 2012 5:14 PMTags

Father's Day provided the perfect backdrop yesterday afternoon for parents-to-be Bill and Giuliana Rancic to share the news with friends and family (and fans!) that they're expecting a baby boy!

And naturally E! News was there for the gender-revealing celebration—so check out the guests' pregnancy prognostications, what grandma and grandpa have to say about the impending stork delivery (and possible baby names!), and whether Bill really did blow the surprise, after all…

"Both going with the blue?" Bill asked revelers who were locking down their picks as to whether the couple was welcoming a boy or a girl. "By the way, I've been alternating 'he' and 'she.' I heard you thought I gave it away."

Bill did indeed confirm last month that he accidentally let slip the proper pronoun during an interview, but no one caught on to his gaffe and their friends were clearly none the wiser, as the surprise was successfully kept secret until yesterday's gorgeous party.

Guests at the shindig were given the choice of pink or blue goodies and were asked to choose theirs based on what they believed the Giuliana & Bill stars were expecting. Naturally, grandma knew best...

"It's a boy," Giuliana's mama Anna DePandi told E! News. "The first child is always a boy."

As for potential names for the already-loved little one, both grandma and grandpa put their two cents in.

"Maybe Edward," Monica said. "I think it's a beautiful name."

"If it's a boy, it's a beautiful name," the perhaps slightly biased Eduardo DePandi added. "I love my name."

Time will tell if Baby Rancic proves to be his namesake. Congrats, Bill and Giuliana!