There's a whole new meaning to poppin' bottles now.

Sal Strazzullo, attorney for Ingrid Gutierrez, the 21-year-old model who was at Chris Brown's table the night of the brawl with Drake's entourage at the W.I.P. club in Manhattan revealed to E! News his client's take on the incident that occured early Thursday morning. 

Sal explained his client's involvement: "[Ingrid] was with Chris Brown and his entourage just having a good time...she was at his table...right next to him when this occurred. She was just having a good time, a 21-year-old out, a young lady at a nightclub in Manhattan and all of a sudden a bottle came from [the direction of] the Drake table."

As for how the story played out before the bottle was reportedly sent over from Drake's table, Sal shares: "From what I've heard from my client…there was a note. A note passed by Drake to Chris Brown in regards to something with Rihanna."

However, what the note read, Sal was unable to share, explaining: "The contents of those notes at this time I'm not going to be able to reveal because I don't know their authenticity."

Sal continued: "Then…Chris Brown was about to get up and leave with his entourage and that's when a bottle came from [the direction of] Drake's table to Chris Brown's table."

Strazzullo believes the club's surveilance video will be able to help identify who instigated the brawl: "The cameras aren't going to lie," adding that, "people that paid with their credit cards are going to be disposed."

Sal also shared how Brown responded amongst the chaos: " [Ingrid] said he was so polite throughout the whole night, that they were just having a good time…he was very calm and what he did, I believe, was he tried to even defend my client Ingrid."

The model, who reportedly suffered a bottle blow to the head, is "out of the hospital [and] resting home in bed."

He earlier told E! that his client suffered bruises, stitches and trauma to her face, and suggested that "plastic surgery is probably likely."

"Basically like any model…your looks are everything and with today's technology, with HD, a small scar, even though this one is not small, is going to be magnified to look really severe."

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