The gang may be in Maui, Hawaii but is there trouble in paradise for Mrs. Eastwood & Company? You bet!

Especially when one of Morgan Eastwood's friends, Maddie, gets a bloody nose while playing in the pool…Whoops!

"When I take these girls on trips, their parents put them under my authority for emergency medical care," Dina Eastwood explains. "I'm in charge if anything goes wrong."

Not so fast, Dina, because you've got competition in the form of Francesca Eastwood's beau, Tyler Shields. The photographer to the stars decides to step in and fix Maddie's nose because, as he puts it, "I broke my nose exactly the same way—where it didn't look messed up. Blood was trickling down and I lost my sense of smell and it never came back."

Oh, well, that sucks!

Only, as Dina points out, the nose isn't actually broken…"There's no swelling, there's no puffiness," she says. "But now I've got a little girl crying her eyes out because she thinks her nose is broken."

As Tyler attempts to straighten Maddie's nose, Dina tells him to stop. "You're not a medical doctor," she reminds him.

"I've broken my nose 17 times, Dina!" Tyler says.

"It's not broken," Dina shouts, "you don't know everything."

Ohhh, Tyler, don't you know that you don't want to get Momma Eastwood mad?!

To find out who will win the battle on the island, tune in to an all new episode of Mrs. Eastwood & Company on Sunday, June 17 at 10/9c only on E!

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