Kenny Chesney

Courtesy: Kenny Chesney

Looks like someone just made a new best friend.

Country crooner Kenny Chensey has finally become a dog owner after meeting this adorable goldendoodle puppy named Pancho.

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"A friend gave it to me and said, 'Here, Kenny, you have to learn to attach to something!' God's honest truth!" Chesney told People. "Now, I love the guy.

"Next thing you know, next day at PetSmart, I'm buying stuff, buying things and I have no idea! That's just a dog! I can't imagine having three kids,"  Chesney added, alluding to his touring partner Tim McGraw.

And it looks like Pancho is quite the adventurous pup.

"That little guy, he'll eat everything in sight—whether it's edible or not—and he loves the water. I took him down to my boat, and he jumps right off," Kenny told the mag.

"The plan is to take him on tour," he says. "We'll see if he's got what it takes."

We think Pancho would be a great road dog (no pun intended).

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