Just take a deep breath Weeds fans.

A Showtime rep has confirmed to us that their smokin' series hit will come to an end this year.

That's right, Nancy Botwin (Mary-Lousie Parker) & Co. has huffed and puffed and blown their way into an eighth season but now the question is, how will it all end? Plus, how many pot-infused puns can we pack into an article?!

The last time we saw our favorite Mary Jane mama, she was enjoying a peaceful munchy brunch in Connecticut with friends, family and a target on her forehead. When the chronic-le returns in July, fans can expect see not only who go shot, but also one of Weeds' favorite plot changers: a time jump.

To be blunt (see what we did there), we think this is a perfect opportunity for series creator Jenji Kohan to give their faded fans an ending that will be both satisfying and packed to the brim with drama. Plus, we love the fact that the show is returning to its roots and staging their high-stake-shenanigans in the suburbs.

The final season of Weeds ignites Sunday, July 1 at 10 p.m. on Showtime.

What are your clouded thoughts about the last season of Weeds? Exhale it all out in the comments below!

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