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Dear Ted:  
I was curious how many actors on Glee have Vice monikers? I know Dianna Agron since you once mentioned her. Is her Vice from the past or something still happening? Have you heard anything coming up for this gorgeous beauty that will put her up on the big silver screens? It's been over a year since I Am Number Four and definitely time for this popular actress to spread her wings from Glee.

Dear McKinley High Heist:
Gaga for Glee Vices, Mo? Then you'll be happy to hear there's a handful of Vicers on the Glee set, plus a number of Vicey guest stars who have made an appearance over the years. As for Ms. Agron?  Her Vice is more from the past and won't affect her future roles on the big screen, but remember, we're still unclear of her fate on Glee. Wait and see how many McKinley High appearances Dianna makes (if any) and then let's get the babe rolling on that big-screen casting couch.

Dear Ted:
You must have thoughts and/or opinions about the drama surrounding LiLo's accident on Friday. Whether or not the legal implications of this are pursued, I have to imagine her movie's insurer isn't jumping up and down about these developments. So what say you, Guru of Gossip? Did she wreck the last hopes for her career along with that Porsche?
Jen in Houston

Dear Living La Vida LiLo:
Well considering the comeback queen has just been cast in her next role (in case you haven't heard, she's starring alongside porn star James Deen and no, we're not kidding), Linds doesn't seem to be feeling the repercussions of the accident—just yet. She's certainly off to a shaky start, and sources connected with her next potential project are weary of whether LiLo can fill her commitments. Linds still has a chance, but gal's got a lot to prove.

Dear Ted:
So I've only recently gotten into the whole Revenge craze (I know, I know, I've been living under a rock) and I just got to know: are there any Vicers in the cast? Especially my favorites, Emily VanCamp and her boyfriend Josh Bowman? Much love!

Dear Revenge or Vice:
As drama-filled as the boob-tube phenomenon can be, you'll be surprised to hear that Emily Vancamp and Josh Bowman are both very Vice-free. Stick to the CW network if you're looking for Vicey TV stars.

Dear Ted:
Are Kristen Stewart and her ex-boyfriend Michael Angarano on good terms? During the Snow White and the Huntsman promotion, Kristen mentioned her ex-boyfriend quite a few times like in the Vanity Fair interview and in a French interview where she admitted she was obsessively in love with him for a pretty long time. Is there something going on we don't know about?

Dear Friendly Exes:
They're hardly best buds, if that's what you're asking, but I don't think there are any hard feelings between the two. Kris and Michael dated years ago and they've both moved on. I'm sure things weren't always so peachy (especially when those first Bella and Edward posters hit the Web), but I'm not surprised Kris speaks openly about her past relaysh. If only she would do the same about the one she's currently in.

Dear Ted:  
Well it seems that I have caught on with this fascination with One Direction. I've seen some of their interviews and they're such sweethearts! Tell me are they actually down to earth like they seem to be? Any Vicey behavior?

Dear What Makes You Vicey:
Go ahead and keep your One Direction blasting on your stereo, the boys in this band are all Vice-free. But keep in mind they're growing up in showbiz—I wouldn't expect the goody-too-shoes behavior to last.  

Dear Ted:
Has anyone mentioned Jim Sturgess for the part of Christian Grey? Just recently saw One Day and I think he can play dark and mysterious with a side of wit brilliantly. Or what about Andrew Garfield? No idea about Ana...Amanda Seyfried maybe? Always look forward to your posts!

Dear Fifty Shades of Awful:
Sorry, A, but I don't buy your Jim Sturgess suggestion. He's definitely got the acting chops, but I just don't know if he's dark enough. And Andrew Garfield? Well that's just laughable. As for Ana, I'm sticking by Lily Collins or Lucy Hale—the PLL star just might have me convinced she can pull off the raunchy role.

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