Jennifer Lawrence, Phillips Seymour Hoffman

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Dear Ted:
Just read that there are reports Philip Seymour Hoffman might be playing Plutarch Heavensbee in Catching Fire. How perfect! The only other person I would like in that role is Oliver Platt. What do you think? Speaking of which, do either of these gents have a Blind Vice?

Dear Catching Heat:
I always pictured the new head gamemaker as more of a Laurence Fishburne type, but I'll totally sign on to PSH being offered the role (as Entertainment Weekly reports). If anything, adding an Oscar alum to the ranks proves newbie director Francis Lawrence is taking his casting duties seriously. As for Vices, Philip may share a namesake with Seymour Plow-Me-More, but that's all they have in common.

Dear Ted:
Any dirt on Jennifer Lawrence? I was a big fan of her but now I am suspicious of her Blind Vices.

Dear Laying Down the J.Law:
So just because she may or may not have a Blind Vice means you're throwing your fandom to the wind, Amber?! Way harsh! I'll say this much: Any dirt I may have on Ms. Lawrence does not make me love her any less.

Dear Ted:
You told me to be more specific about my questions regarding Billy Bend-Over, so here it is: Is he working on films or TV now? Also, now that Finnick isn't going to be Taylor Kitsch, who else should play him? Maybe Armie Hammer?

Dear The Deets:
Here's your more specific answer: Films. And usually funnier ones than either Kitsch or Hammer, for the record. But on the Finnick front, I've cried my tears about Taylor nixing his Catching Fire potential and am now on board the Ryan Kwanten train. He's more than hot enough, right?!

Dear Ted:
I love your blog, it gives me so much to do when I have so much I actually need to do. However, SPCA boy Ben and I are curious: Sammy Sniffles is totally Tom Hiddleston, right? He's new to the franchise world and A-list world, is the underdog of Avengers, and there are tons of pics of him with his girlfriend.

Dear Darksided:
Loki the underdog?! Hardly—not with that badass staff and army of killer aliens. But it's not a horrible guess…actually, it's not a bad guess at all.

Dear Ted:
So what's the deal with Mr. George Clooney? Know he has a B.V., but does it have anything to do with him hanging out with Cindy Crawford? They are always matter which babe George has on his arm. Kisses to your pooches!! XOXO

Dear Blinds of a Feather:
Good question, Pook. While George and Cindy may be close, not to mention both two of my fave Vice monikers, their naughty little secrets do not overlap. That said, they've got quite a few similarities when it comes to the skeletons they keep in their respective closets.

Dear Ted:
Does the queen, Charlize Theron have a moniker? Is it really old or more recent? Thanks!

Dear Royal Pains:
Yes, recently.

Dear Ted:
I'm dying for some young Hollywood scoop. How old are Sammy Sniffles and Debbie Doobie? And are Priscilla Desert and Strawberry Snort'Em close? And what's up with Darla Jones these days? I know, so many questions…

Dear The Gangs All Here:
Hmm, I won't pinpoint specific ages, but Debbie has a few years on Sammy, if that helps. As for Strawberry, she and Priscilla definitely know each other but hardly run in the same circles—at least not in their private lives. And Darla? Well, she's sexier than ever, of course!

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