Oprah Winfrey and 50 Cent have famously feuded in the past, but it looks like they've finally buried the hatchet.

Sunday night on Oprah's Next Chapter, Oprah confronted the rapper about the fact that he named his female dog Oprah.

"That was not a compliment," she told 50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson). "I heard you had a bitch named Oprah!"

His sheepish response?

"At the time, I was just looking at the situation, and I saw I was developing negative feelings for someone who doesn't even know me...and I gave it to the dog," he explained, adding that he has a cat named Gayle [King, presumably].

"I would see moments when you would discuss your feelings on the culture, and everything that was wrong with the culture was what was on my CD, and I was like, 'Oh, she doesn't like me,'" he said.

"I was saying, 'If I can't be your friend, at least let me be your enemy, so I coexist,'" the 36-year-old musician added.

Oprah also confronted 50 about his statement that she "had white women in [her] audience that were as old as [his] grandmother," which she felt was a "pointed criticism." 

"I was saying it's a conservative audience," 50 told her. "Their kids are listening to [my music] and they look for something that allows them to be a little rebellious. That's rap and roll."

Oprah explained that if you're on TV, "you need black people and white people to watch you."

Finally, the duo also agreed to disagree when it comes to using the N-word. While the OWN mogul is adamantly opposed to the use of the racial slur, 50 frequently uses it in his songs. "When you're actually using it with malice in your heart, you can feel the difference," he reasoned.

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