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Remember how we said the Bachelorette and her potential suitors were going to travel the world while trying to find love?

Well, tonight Emily Maynard continued her search for a partner, but now with the romantic backdrop of London. While we're sure the group would have loved to participate in the city's common pastimes (like hitting up the pubs), it was already time for a one-on-one—with Sean.

How did it go?

They took kissy pictures together and Sean got up on a soapbox to give a speech about love at Hyde Park's Speakers' Corner, so we're going to say it went pretty well. Plus, he got the rose, so that's always a good sign.

During the group date, the guys had to show off their acting chops by auditioning for William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Let's just say this, we didn't see any budding stars here, but that's OK. Emily was more intrigued by their silliness.

The men were split into two casts to perform in front of a live audience. And whaddya know—Ryan and Kalon got the part of Romeo. Kalon wasn't very romantic, meanwhile, Ryan milked the fact that he got to kiss Emily (smart guy).

Kalon continued to go downhill on the good-guy meter when he called Emily's daughter, Ricki, "baggage." And he didn't care to apologize for it. So, also being a parent, Doug decided to tell Emily.

After hearing that, Maynard said, "I wanna go West Virginia hoodrat backwoods on his ass."

Once confronted, Kalon (who was raised by a single mother) didn't have much to say, and Emily wasn't going to hear it, anyway, so all she really had to tell him was,"Get the f--k out."

After the whirlwind of emotion (and not even giving out the group-date rose), Emily went on her next one-on-one date, which consisted of an etiquette class over some afternoon tea with Jef.

Jef got his date rose, but even more of a reward, he finally made the move and locked lips with Emily. It looked pretty perfect.

During the rose ceremony, we got to the last rose and Arie still hadn't been called down. What?! But ultimately, it was Alejandro, the 24-year-old mushroom farmer, who was sent packin'.

Were you surprised by who was sent home? Let us know in the comments!

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