Dark Knight Rises: Has Christian Bale "Had Enough" of Playing Batman?

Exclusive! Costar weighs in on third Caped Crusader film probably being the last for the actor

By Marc Malkin Jun 11, 2012 8:32 PMTags
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Christian Bale has left the Batcave!

Fans certainly aren't thrilled that The Dark Knight Rises will mark the end of director Christopher Nolan's reign over the Batman franchise. While Bale, 38, recently said he'd be open to a fourth flick, don't count on it because he also said he wouldn't play the Caped Crusader again unless it was with Nolan.

At least one Dark Knight Rises costar thinks everyone just wants to move on before it's too late...

"I think Christian may have had enough," says Matthew Modine, who plays Deputy Commissioner Foley in the flick (out July 20). "You don't want to become a sort of parody of what it is."

Good point, Mr. Modine.

"There was a point when you wished that Sean Connery would have stopped," he said, referring to the legendary actor's work as James Bond. "He was just getting too old and the toupees were getting too big. They're going to go out winning."

Modine compared Nolan to the late Stanley Kubrick. "Nolan is the only other director I've worked with who stands by his camera and directs," he said, adding, "There are no chairs on the set. There is no video village with a bunch of producers and people sitting around. It's him. It's a singular voice."

Not that he thinks this is the end of Batman.

"It's called show business," said Modine, 53. "While I'm in the business of show, Warner Brothers is in the business of business and making money. They would never let the franchise die."

Let the next reboot casting begin.

Now we want to hear from you. Sad to see Bale and Nolan say goodbye? Have any suggestions of who should play Batman next? Sound off below.

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