Timothy Michael Poe, America's Got Talent


If anyone should decide the fate of Tim Poe, the America's Got Talent contestant and Army veteran accused of exaggerating his military record, Howard Stern says it should be the viewers.

On his SiriusXM Satellite Radio Show this morning, the shock jock and AGT judge said he hoped producers wouldn't cut the 35-year-old aspiring country crooner out of the broadcast in Las Vegas prematurely despite the lies he's alleged to have told about being injured by a grenade in combat.

"I do hope that the TV show America's Got Talent doesn't boot him off. I hope that they show what happens in Vegas," said Stern as quoted by The Examiner. "If he doesn't make it, show that reality, and if he makes it through Vegas, let America vote about him."

While noting that the allegation of "what this guy did is despicable," the self-proclaimed King of All Media suggested letting the chips fall where they may when it comes to scandal-plagued contestants.

"To me…I always kind of resented American Idol when they would pull someone out because of a drug scandal or an arrest," Stern told listeners. "Let the audience decide on talent."

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Per Stern fansite, Mark'sFriggin.com, Howard added that Poe's purported fibbing makes it tough for his fellow service members, because it can affect whether people believe their stories. He then went on to play audio clips of other people who claimed to have been deceived by the soldier, including witnesses who said he never stuttered after waking up from injuries he sustained during training.

While he feels the whole thing is "disgusting," Stern stressed that he was going to talk to producers himself to try and make sure Poe remains on the show so American can have the final say.

Poe has since apologized for his tall tales. Producers have yet to announce whether Poe will continue on the show.

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