Miss Florida to Giuliana Rancic: Miss Penn's Been Taking Pageant-Rigging Claim "Way Too Far"

Beauty queen addresses bombshell allegations that she saw the list of five finalists beforehand

By Alexis L. Loinaz Jun 09, 2012 2:07 AMTags
Giuliana Rancic, Miss Florida and Miss PennsylvaniaIsaac Brekken/Getty Images; Richard D. Salyer, Greg Harbaugh/Miss Universe Organization

The Miss USA pageant's notorious final question seems a lot easier compared to this.

Karina Brez spoke with E! News' Giuliana Rancic today about bombshell allegations lobbed by ex-Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin claiming that the pageant was rigged.

Monnin is now being sued by the Miss Universe Organization over her accusations, including the claim that Brez had talked about seeing a list of finalists before the pageant took place.

But what exactly did Brez see, and did she indeed chat up Monnin afterward?

Monnin claims that Brez said she saw the list of the final five. Brez, on the other hand, insisted that what she believes she actually saw was in no way reflective of the evening's big winners.

"Looking back, it's definitely a rehearsal list, because from the names that I read off that sheet, it wasn't even the top five," Brez told E! News, noting that the pageant's eventual winner, Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo, wasn't even on it. "It was nowhere close to what Pennsylvania is saying, so her claims are incorrect."

So, where could Monnin have gotten the idea that it was a leaked list of finalists?

"I know that I made the comment out loud saying something about some rehearsal list backstage," Brez explained, "and she assumed that I said a fact, [while] I said it jokingly."

As for whether the two contestants chatted, Brez said, "I honestly don't even remember speaking to her."

The Florida stunner acknowledged the brouhaha that has erupted since last weekend.

"I feel bad with the way that this has been handled," she said. "[Monnin's] been taking it just way too far."

Watch E! News tonight to catch our full interview with Brez.