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Summer Golden Remote Awards

Welcome to TV Thunderdome!

The Golden Remote Awards (the awards formerly known as the Tater Tops) officially kick off today, so what better way to start than by recognizing some stars who made a big first impression on all you TV viewers?

Which actors made the Male and Female Breakout Stars nominee list? Find out... 

Sure, some of them may have been working for a while, but were only discovered by you (or, you know, mainstreamists during the past year). So who do you think were this year's Breakout TV stars, Male and Female? Vote in our polls below!

The nominations were all sent in by you, and tallied by us. (Our spouses/pets are not your biggest fans right now, by the way.)

We'll be tackling a new category each weekday for the next three weeks as the Golden Remotes continue, so don't forget to keep nominating and voting until winners are announced later this month.

And listen up, robo-voters: We've got ya pegged! Thanks to our handy-dandy cheat-blocking device, there will be no über-voting allowed throughout the Golden Remotes Awards. So don't fret, each poll's results will be 100 percent accurate. We promise.

Please note: If you are reading this story via mobile (iPhone, Crackberry, flip phone à la The Killing, etc.), you can't vote. Sorry. But if you remember to vote next time you're on a real computer, we'll give you a sticker. 

Did we miss anyone? Tell us right this second in the comments section or via Twitter (@kristindsantos), and we might add them in.

And don't forget to check back tomorrow to vote for your favorites in the TV shocker categories!

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