Iron Man

Zade Rosenthal

Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark has plenty to worry about in the now-filming Iron Man 3.

We already know he's likely to face not just one villain, but two.

But who's the latest to get The Avengers' star in their clutches?

Gwyneth Paltrow on WhoSay

Pepper Potts! Gwyneth Paltrow posted a pic of the two costars sharing a non-cataclysmic hug on set.

Last seen in The Avengers seeming quite domestic together (as much as you can be in a huge, alien-embattled New York City skyscraper adorned with your boyfriend/boss' name, Potts and Stark seem to have come to an understanding that has tamed the zillionaire playboy's womanizing ways and rust issues (er, trust issues) and turned them a superpowered romantic duo.

Nothing a supervillain can't throw a wrench into.

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