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Did you hear that Taylor Swift hosted a tea and crumpets party in her VIP box at the Kings game?!

Actually, no, she didn't, but after spotting the country singer wearing this dress to a bar—where she cheered on the Los Angeles hockey team during a recent night game—we can think of no other explanation.

Don't get us twisted, we love that dress...

We'd wear it the next time we felt like spooking Sarah Jessica Parker and the other horses at the Ascot Races. We'd wear it for a zero course lunch with Victoria Beckham. We'd wear it for tea with Queen Elizabeth II, provided that a dress with three whole colors doesn't give her a stroke.

But we wouldn't wear it at night. Not unless we were in one of those fjord countries where the sun shines into the wee hours and people eat pickled shark for fun.

Maybe our gal-pal had just come from a garden party in the Hamptons hosted by Martha Stewart?

OK, we're done now.

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