Little People vs. Snow White: Life's Too Short Star Calls Dwarf Casting "Inexcusable"

Warwick Davis agrees with organization that bashed the film for using actors like Ian McShane, who needed to be made smaller via special effects

By Natalie Finn, Claudia Rosenbaum Jun 08, 2012 12:00 AMTags
Snow White and the Huntsman, Warwick DavisUniversal Pictures; Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

We now know who preferred Mirror Mirror to Snow White and the Huntsman.

The Little People of America, a nonprofit that provides support to little people and their families, lashed out this week at the makers of Snow White and the Huntsman for casting actors like Ian McShane and Nick Frost to play the fairy-tale's famed dwarfs.

And Ricky Gervais' good pal, Life's Too Short star Warwick Davis, completely agrees with his fellow little people.

"Considering the vast experience of many short actors working in the film industry today, I think it inexcusable that in casting for Snow White & the Huntsman, producers did not utilize this pool of talent," Davis is in an exclusive statement to E! News.

"My colleague Peter Dinklage won an Emmy for his performance in Game of Thrones, proving that short actors need roles that will not only challenge them, but allow them to express themselves as actors in their own right. It is not acceptable to 'black up' as a white actor, so why should it be acceptable to 'shrink' an actor to play a dwarf?"

Snow White and the Huntsman studio Universal Pictures has not commented on the controversy. (E! Online and Universal Pictures are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

Davis, who is 3-feet, 6-inches tall, echoes the opinion of LPOA, which issued a statement questioning the choice of using actors who needed to be made smaller via special effects to play Snow White's eight dwarf companions.

"Little People of America supports the equality of opportunity for the employment of little people in all industries," said spokesman Gary Arnold. "Of course, this includes the entertainment industry, which we believe should cast little people in the full breadth of possible roles. This means both casting people with dwarfism as characters that were specifically written to be played by little people and other roles that would be open to average height people and people of short stature."

The dwarf roles in the Lily Collins-starring Snow White adaptation Mirror Mirror were played by little people.