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On this week's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner is back in the tennis saddle again when she decides to use the game as a way to bond with her family.

"When I was married to Robert Kardashian, one of the things we did every single weekend was play tennis," she explains.

So, to bring back that loving feeling, she gets the family involved in the game as well—even taking Kim Kardashian on a shopping spree for some tennis swag.

"I think we need a can of balls because you always have to have fresh balls," Kris says.

"I'm glad that your memory of balls is coming back to you," Kim Kardashian quips.

"Honey, anytime there's balls involved it's my kind of game," Kris replies.

Ladies, ladies, let's settle this on the court, shall we?! Only, it turns out that tennis with Kris is more than anyone has bargained for…

"Is it me or is my mom making these loud, crazy grunt noises when she hits the ball?" Kourtney Kardashian says.

Kourtney, it's not just you babe! And that becomes even clearer when the rest of the family comes to the house to witness Kris', well, grunts.

"This was supposed to be a really fun day," Kris says after everyones jokes push her a little too far. "But my kids just wanted to make fun of me"

Meanwhile, Bruce is spending some quality time with his son, Brandon Jenner, and gets to chatting about his music career.

"Brandon has been into music all his life," Bruce says. "He writes, he produces, he sings, and with Leah [Felder] the two of them together are just absolutely phenomenal. They haven't had a chance to have their big break and, as a parent, I want to do everything I can to see that happen."

For Bruce, doing everything means turning to his wifey, Kris, who has just started a music management company with Babyface. Sounds like the perfect match, right?! Well, not exactly, since Momma Jenner is nervous about mixing business with family. (Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron for you, Kris?)

"I represent all of my kids," Kris says, "but if I took on Brandon and Leah, it would be so much pressure and it would kill me if I made a decision and it was the wrong one. And I don't think Bruce really understands that kind of pressure"

Turns out that Brandon is pretty much on the same page as Kris, in spite of Papa Bruce's nudging. "I think that it would be difficult to have you being my stepmom and my manager," Brandon tells Kris.

Which means they have to break the news to Bruce—luckily, Brandon knows just what to say. "What means more to me, honestly, is how proud you are of us," Brandon tells his dad. "And how you do come out to shows and she [Kris] was telling me that you play the video for people when they come over."

Things finally start to sink in for Bruce who, in the end, only wants what's best for his family. "We have been through a lot as a blended family and I don't want any of those things that went on in the past to affect their future," Bruce says. "So, maybe it is a little bit too close, but as a parent I'm still going to do everything I can to support him."

Awww, that's being a great dad, Bruce!

Speaking of good dads, Scott Disick is all about his son, Mason, but what about his best gal, Kourtney?

"I know that relationships change over time," Kourtney says. "But sometimes I do wish that things could be back to how they were in the beginning of our relationship, when we were always kissing and obsessed with each other."

That sounds like a challenge, babe! Luckily, our man Scott takes it in stride and says, "Even though I think Kourtney is completely delusional, I still want to go out of my way to show her that we can have that romance that people have in the movies."

First step to romancing his lady? Watching The Notebook, where he takes a page from Ryan Gosling and spray paints on some rock hard abs...

OK, abs are great, Scott, but is that really all Kourtney was hoping for?

"Scott just doesn't get it," Kourtney says. "He's making fun of something that I find important. I once found Scott to be charming, but while I'm pregnant I don't at all."

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again, right Scott?

"I feel like I've really been losing this battle of trying to get Kourtney to realize that I am romantic," Scott says. "I really hope to just sweep her off her feet with this last gesture. And if this doesn't work, I think I'm hanging up the old tool belt."

Scott arranges for Aunt Kim to take Mason for the night, buys two dozen roses, throws on a tux and even makes dinner for Kourtney. And, while our gal-pal initially teases her man about his gestures, she eventually says, "Scott definitely does a lot for me that is romantic, I just need to make sure that I appreciate him."

Speaking of appreciation, even Kim comes through in the end and makes up for the fact that she was teasing her mom about playing tennis. Turns out the way to Kris' heart is through Chanel, in the form of a brand new racquet and some shiny new tennis balls!

So much drama and so little time! Until next week that is...

Tune in for an all new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Sunday, June 17 at 9/8 c only on E!

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