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In case you don't recognize the pout framed by these unmistakable pink tresses, it's Nicole Richie.

The Fashion Star judge took to her official website this week to debut a new hue for her tresses.

Well, we shouldn't say new. If one of Tyra Banks' Top Models is sporting pink hair, you know you're looking at a trend that's reached its zenith...

Not to be outdone by Banks and her cotton-candy-coifed star model, Sophie Sumner, Richie looks eager to prove she can go pink with the best of ‘em.

And by the best of ‘em, we mean January Jones, Ashley Tisdale and Lauren Conrad—all of whom toyed with the trend already this year.

Katy Perry, meanwhile, is zagging while the others have been zigging—check out the purple hair she's rocking this season.

What do you think of Nicole's new 'do—is it fresh and fun or old and tired?!

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Are Nichole Richie's new pink locks a hit or miss?
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