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You can wear your accessories on your neck, wrist or, if you're Katy Perry, you can wear ‘em right on your dress.

Check out the embellishments on this teal mystery number, which the soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Russell Brand wore with sapphire locks and a ruby lip for a night out at a London pub this week...

We're not all that crazy about the studded leather bomber jacket, which is about as fresh and original as "Born This Way." And the combat boots while understandable, given that Katy is surrounded by paps, don't do this outfit any favors.

But in principle, we love this dress. Love it. Love the peacock emerald color, the velvet trim on the sleeves is like what we imagine the drapes look like at Kensington Palace and we even love the plus sign. (Look, if you've got a rack like this gal's, you may as well point out that they're above average.)

We're not even mad at the color on the hair and lips—that's what being under 30 and a pop singer is all about!

With a better shoe (Stella McCartney, maybe?) and a sleeker cover-up, this look may have been quite the late-night treasure, do you agree?!

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