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In case you aren't hip like us, that stands for "What Would Joss Whedon Do?" obviously, and it's a term the Vampire Diaries' writers' room has been throwing around a lot when it comes to a certain fan-favorite witch's season-four storyline. So will Bonnie become the show's new big bad?

Plus, we've got scoop on two new love interests Weeds fans will be meeting in the final season and the new man in Teen Wolf's Allison's life! And what can Sookie and Alcide fans expect from the will-they-or-won't-they pairing in the new season of True Blood? And is Jason Ritter returning to Parenthood next season?

What are you waiting for? Dig into some scoop, y'all...

Gennibean8: Any TVD scoopage?
Similar to Alaric, one of our heroes might become a full-fledged baddie next season: Bonnie! Alas, like all things TVD-related, it's a bit complicated. Of the repercussions to Bonnie's controversial actions in the finale, Julie Plec tells us, "To be truthful, a lot of debates go on in our [writers'] room about whether to take Bonnie to to the dark side and the biggest thing that prevents us from doing that is not wanting to feel like we're foliowing Willow's journey." Of course, she is referring to Buffy the Vampire Slayer's HWIC, Willow. So will that iconic character stop the Diaries' writers from making Bonnie bad? "She's tapped into some darker stuff…I don't know which way we'll go with her in season four. Do you go down a road even though people did it really well, do you really want to do that? Or do you ignore what other people did and do it because it's right for the character? I'm interested to see where we land on that as writers." As are we, Julie. As are we!

LexieDanielleD: Please tell me Dixon isn't dying on 90210.
We're happy to report that Tristan Wilds will still be on the CW sudser next season. Not as a ghost. Not as a zombie. Not as a vampire. Yeah, he's alive, but that doesn't mean he's entirely well.

PeachyTine: So excited about season 5 of True Blood. Any scoop on any possible Alcide/Sookie romance?
It's definitely possible. Assuming of course that Alcide could get over that whole "you killed my ex-wife" thing. Alcide's confession last season to Sookie and his desire to protect her is very much present in the season premiere, but like all things in Bon Temps, romance is on the back burner until the bodies are buried. Oh what? Yep, multiple bodies need to be disposed of. Don't worry, there is a terribly sexy growl from Alcide in there too. 

Teen Wolf Cast


Elly: Forget about Eric and Sookie and tell me about my favorite pair on True Blood: Eric and Pam!
Well, if you paid attention to yesterday's scoop-filled post, you know that according to Alexander Skarsgård, Eric still has plenty of love for Pam. And Kristin Bauer van Straten promises that Pam is on a mission to get back in Eric's good graces. "Pam will go to any length to be reunited with her maker. Any length," she tells us forebodingly. "And we're going to see it. Pam has an amazing arc because we get to see her backstory and how she was made. It explains why Pam is the way she is and also why Eric is her one person that she can't live without." We've seen the first four episodes of True Blood's fifth season, and trust us when we say that Pam will more than likely be your favorite T.B. character this year.

ParisLoverGirl: Bonjour! Any interesting news about Teen Wolf?
Odd pairing alert! Everyone's favorite Beacon Hills lax star Danny will be spending some quality time with…Allison!  Don't worry, they aren't pairing up in a romantic sense (because he's gay, duh-doy!), so hope is still alive for you Stiles and Danny fans. Need more? We're hearing Jackson will be shirtless a lot this season. You're welcome!

Kelli: What's coming up for Sarah on Parenthood? I heard Jason Ritter might not be returning? Please say it isn't so!
Praise Jason Katims! Jason Ritter is returning to Parenthood in season four as fan favorite Mark, so we're guessing Sarah said "yes" to spending the rest of her life with the adorable teacher. Go on, we'll give you a moment to squeal. Ready to continue? OK, there is a bit of bad news to go along with the good: Ritter will still be billed as a recurring guest star, not a series regular. 

Weeds, Hunter Parrish


Clarissa: Got any scoop on the new season of Weeds? Please and thank you. 
Silas is getting new love interest! Kendra is a pretty and confident girl who will be catching his eye in the new season. And to answer your question, yes, we auditioned, but apparently Hunter Parrish filed a restraining order against us? We still love you, boo! Someone else possibly getting a new paramour? Nancy, who will becoming interested in a doctor. Go on, girl!

come_il_mare: any Necessary Roughness scoop?
"We pick up pretty much where the finale ended where we are in the hospital waiting to find out about T.K.," Callie Thorne tells us. "And he survives, but the whole big question is whether he survives mentally." Sounds like a somber premiere, eh? Don't worry, there will still be fun ahead for Dani and her new boy-toy. "The whole thing going on with Dani is she and Matt are finally together, but there's a whole other thing of boundaries because she doesn't want her kids to find out, so they're like secret girlfriend-boyfriend," Thorne spills. "It's sort of like she and Matt are the kids and the teenagers are the parents, so all that stuff in the beginning of the season is very funny."

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Christina Dowling

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