Grab your Kleenex, people, because this one's a tear-jerker.

Every now and again, we get a reminder that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover (Hi, Susan Boyle!), and tonight, Andrew De Leon—with his dark eye makeup, kinda scary contacts and straight black hair—was the epitome of that saying on America's Got Talent second round of Austin auditions.

The 19-year-old makeup artist shared that he was a Marilyn Manson fan growing up, so we expected him to belt out some shouty rock song onstage. But to our surprise, he did the total opposite.

For the first time (ever) performing in front of anybody, De Leon sang opera. And he sang it well (unlike Richard Grossman).

Right away, all three judges' jaws dropped and the crowd was either on their feet or wiping away their tears (or both). Andrew was clearly a little shaken, which is understandable given the circumstances, but gave a stellar performance.

"I'm just so used to being rejected and I'm not really good at anything, so this is amazing," he said.

Well, Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel seem to differ, because each gave Andrew a "yes" to continue with the competition, which we think was very well deserved.

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