Kanye West


"Flashing Lights" might get you excited, but don't try to add your own bit into the performance, otherwise Kanye West will publicly scold you.

As West was pumping the crowd up for his performance of the 2007 single during the Watch the Throne concert in Paris last weekend, he quickly focused attention on a fan who was allegedly starting his own light show with a laser pointer.

And, well, Yeezy's not exactly the let's-not-make-a-scene type of guy.

(Warning: This video contains language that may be offensive to some listeners.)

"You see this guy right here with the green laser? Don't f--k with everybody's show. This is not a f--king game. You're going to get f--ked up and kicked out, I don't want that s--t. So chill the f--k out," West said on the mic.

We think he got his point across, don't you?

Then, as if nothing happened, Kanye yelled to the crowd, "Are y'all having a good time this evening? I said, are y'all having a good time this evening?"

So demanding, this one.

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