Steve Carell

AP Photo/Mel Evans

Leave it to Steve Carell to get be smart. And, of course, funny.

The onetime Office star stopped by Princeton University to address graduating students at a pre-commencement ceremony on Monday.

Not surprisingly, the guy managed to generate quite a few laughs.

Carell quipped, for example, that when it comes to romance, young people are worse off today due to texting, tweeting, email and Facebook, noting that whenever he was rejected, it was in-person and provided "the humiliation and self-loathing a young man or woman needs for growth. My point is, I suffered, and you should have to suffer, too. You are young, and because of that, you are wrong."

He also told the class of 2012 to keep a few things in mind as they venture forward, including "Show up on time, because to be late is to show disrespect" and "Every once in a while, put something positive in the world."

Oh, and "get a dog. Because cats are lame."

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