Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

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Dear Ted:  
Are Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux still together? Did Justin Theroux tell her that he needed space?

Dear Not So Friendly:
Despite Jen's solo appearance at the MTV Movie Awards, I wouldn't worry too much about the fate of this hipster couple. They're always fighting breakup rumors when it's their busy schedules that are really to blame for their time apart. Methinks the couple's still going strong, but a little PDA here or there wouldn't hurt to put the rumors to rest.  

Dear Ted:
Tell me the truth: Did you actually like Snow White and the Huntsman? I, like you, was really excited, but wasn't good. It wasn't the acting or the design. They were great. But the writing and directing—how could they have all this talent and still make such a boring movie? Honestly, Mirror Mirror was not great, but at least it succeeded in being a goofy kid's movie. This was supposed to be a dark action fantasy, right? Except there was, like, no action. And all the dark fantasy stuff was in the trailers. Poor K.Stew. She still hasn't found her vehicle. Kisses to you, though! My kitties say hi!

Dear Swoon Over SWATH:
Here's my honest opinion: Yes, I absolutely enjoyed the flick. Now, do I think it's going to win an Oscar? Of course not. But the special effects are brilliant, the acting's spot-on, and the twisted fairy-tale take is just so deliciously dark. And of course, I was completely mesmerized by Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth—they truly are an amazing cast. Oh, and sorry to say, but I completely disagree that Mirror Mirror was the better Snow White flick—that's ridiculous.

Dear Ted:  
What do you think about sexy Orlando Bloom as Mr. Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey?

Dear From Pirates to Porn:
Actually, C, I like the idea of Orlando Bloom. He's certainly sexy enough and definitely has the acting chops, but the whole sex and franchise schtick might turn the dude off. After starring in both Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings, I doubt Orlando would be up for a raunchy role like Christian in three (or more) separate flicks. Bummer!

Dear Ted:
You have been saying all along that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a real-life couple, and now you're saying that it is all fake. I truly believe that they are together. So, which one is it? Are they together? Or fake?
Loyal Robstener

Dear Robsten Nation:
Look, Loyal Robstener, I never said the adorable duo is all for show; I simply said they love to play coy. Trust me, Robsten's real and going stronger than ever before—they're simply intent on maintaining their privacy before the Breaking Dawn mayhem begins. Can you blame 'em?

Dear Ted:
Could you tell me more about Adam Levine's Vice? I'm a huge fan of his! Is it something that would make me not like him as much? Love your column!

Dear Harder to Vice:
It depends on what kind of Vice turns you off, babe! Adam's BV is a little more vanilla, but I wouldn't say it will make you swoon. The "Payphone" singer certainly has that bad-boy swag.

Dear Ted:  
I was watching the MTV Movie Awards, and I had a stroke of genius—Emma Watson as Ana Steele. She has that sweet, innocent appeal, but there is still something in her eyes that makes me think she has a dark side waiting to break free. How about it Ted, can we jump off the Lily Collins wagon and get on board the Emma Steele train?
Fifty Shades of Hermione

Dear Franchise Freak:
If Emma Watson didn't already star in all the Harry Potter flicks, then maybe I would go for your suggestion. But, just like Orlando, I highly doubt the babe will be down to sign her life away to another franchise. I just don't see it happening, although I do agree the gal would be brilliant.

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