Pack your bags, people—we're going to Bermuda!

The guys and Bachelorette Emily Maynard have set off on a worldwide journey together, with their first stop being the beautiful beaches of St. George. But the fun times didn't last too long, because once the guys settled into their picture-perfect suite, they found a date card.

Who got the one-on-one date?

Congratulations, Doug, here's your chance to make Emily swoon.

The duo enjoyed walking around town and shopping at local boutiques before indulging in deep conversations about being parents. They wrote a postcard to Doug's son, Austin. Definitely some parental vibes going on here and Doug was a fan of the gesture.

After making some wishes (Emily wished she won't be single forever. Doesn't she know she's not supposed to share what it is?!), the twosome head to dinner.

Maynard expressed that she felt Doug was holding back and hiding something from her because he always has the "perfect" answer. Regardless of that fear, he got the rose.

John and Nate had to endure the dreadful two-on-one date, but not before the other lads participated in some friendly sailing competitions for the group date.

It was an intense race between the red team and the yellow team, but ultimately, the guys in the bright yellow shirts prevailed and won extra time with Emily that night.

Arie was quick to steal a quick makeout session while Jef expressed how much he liked Emily (but no lip action). Then, Ryan got involved and it just got down to the nitty-gritty (and steamy).

"I'm not here to impress you, but to make an impression upon you," he told her and then expressed that he had a hard time watching her and Arie smooch during last week's rose ceremony.

Of course Emily apologized. She's so nice and also, surprising, because she offered the group date rose to Jef.

The following day, the guys took bets on who would come back from the two-on-one date, which involved John, Nate and Emily cliff jumping and enjoying dinner in a cave. Regardless of the picturesque location, the awkwardness of the date was very visible.

After some small one-on-one talk, Emily gave the rose to John, sending Nate back home.

But clearly, he wasn't the last to get the boot.

At the rose ceremony, tensions were high (obviously) and some of the potential suitors expressed concern over some of the other guys vying for Emily's heart. Mainly, Ryan and his ego and Chris continuously going at it with Doug over their age gap.

But according to Ry, he's a "catch."

Emily's no fool, Ryan. She candidly told Chris Harrison that she sees how manipulative the former football player has become.

We almost thought he would get eliminated, because with only a couple roses left, his name hadn't been called. But of course he got a rose. Unfortunately, Charlie and Michael were sent packin'.

Do you agree with Emily's decision tonight? Sound off in the comments!

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