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The news of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's romance hit us with the same kind of intensity and fervor as when Prince William popped the question to Kate Middleton. Yes, folks, we're just that hooked!

So, when we opened up our Twitter pages this afternoon and spied a very adorable tweet from our gal-pal Kim, we couldn't help but share!

Behold! The power of Kanye releasing the music video for "No Church In The Wild" and the undeniable melting of his lady's heart.

Kim tweeted of the video, "#NoChurchInTheWild .... Proud girlfriend tweet"—and we can see why!

The Romain Gavras-directed video dropped last night and centers on a violent and fiery riot on the streets of Prague, with angry youths, aggressive police officers and snarling dogs. If you're hoping to catch a glimpse of Kanye, Jay-Z or even guest singer Frank Ocean, you're out of luck—they're no where to be found!

We've got the video for you below, watch it and let us know what you think of Kimye!

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