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Dear Ted:
I am a celebrity gossip fanatic, but we should be aware of global news too, right? So, in an attempt to balance the two: Did Rihanna earn a Blind Vice moniker before or after July 23, 2008, when Nepal swore in its first president?

Dear We Found Love in a Viceless Place:
What ever would make you think Ri-Ri has a Vice, Anna? Love your interest in hard-hitting stuff—and that you picked a news story besides that Florida (zombie?) attack—but Rihanna has nothing to hide. Well, no skeletons that she's keeping trapped in her closet, at least. She happily flaunts her party-gal lifestyle—and her bangin' bod—without a moniker.

Dear Ted:
Why is there so much hate for Kristen Stewart lately? I've been reading all the reviews critics have been giving Snow White and the Huntsman, and it some shape or form they're tearing her apart. I understand why Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth are more respected in that one is an Oscar winner and the other just came off The Avengers, but why do they feel the need to downgrade Kristen? I think she did a fantastic job as Snow White. Could it be because of Twilight that she is constantly scrutinized?

Dear Long Live the Evil Queen:
And those evil reviewers too! Because they ain't going anywhere, whether the Krisbians like it or not. But like Kristen Stewart herself, you shouldn't put too much stock in what people say about her performance (FYI, I do believe the continued Twilight connection does play a part in it). That said, Charlize did steal the show this time.

Dear Ted:
Sammy Sniffles
has to be Cobie Smulders! Cobie is a boy and girl's name, just as Sammy is! She was in The Avengers! And she's just getting her franchise fame after appearing in How I Met Your Mother!

Dear Sniffs-a-Lot:
Not too bad a guess, Z, but Cobie is not our partying franchise star. Sammy definitely took advantage of the attention from that big blockbuster flick, whereas the delightful Ms. Smulders flew a bit more under the radar.

Dear Ted:
I have a question about Portia Vajazzle. Is she known primarily for movies or for television? Could she be Lea Michele?

Dear Talent vs. T&A:
That's quite the interesting guess, Katie, but Lea is not our, uh, lady with the liberal loins. Portia dabbles in both the big and small screen, but these days she's more known for flicks, whereas Rachel Berry hasn't quite cracked that market yet.

Dear Ted:
Speaking of all the Lost gossip...has Evangeline Lilly ever been a Blind Vice? An ex-model surely has some claws.

Dear Lost and Found:
Evangeline surely has had her fair share of gossip swirl in the past, but nothing juicy enough to land her in the Blind Vice annals. Heck, the only thing she probably wished had stayed secret was that LiveLinks commercials.

Dear Ted:
Does Chris Evans have a Blind Vice?

Dear Red, White and Blind:
Nope. But not for a lack of trying.

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