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Dear Ted:
So I decided to jump on the Fifty Shades of Grey wagon, and now that I have finished the series I have to suggest Jensen Ackles for Christian. He has the looks and the acting chops. Do you think he would and could play this role?

Dear Supernatural Shades:
I'll level with you on the fact that Jensen's certainly sexy enough. But as far as those acting chops you speak of? Well, J's been pretty much boob-tube based and we're just not sure if the dude's ready for a big-time movie role. Sorry, C, but we're still convinced Alexander Skarsgård is perfect. Next suggestion, please.  

Dear Ted:
I'm confused. You said that Matthew Fox's Vice isn't about the alleged abuse. If you had known about any physical abuse, would you consider it a Vice? Hugs to all!
—Miss G and Sasha Kitty

Dear Stealthy Fox:
Absolutely. May we direct your attention to Caesar Anchovy-Arse's antics? That's certainly an abusive Vicer. But I will say that Fox's Vicey behavior and the latest abuse accusations are more connected than you may think, if you catch my drift.

Dear Ted:
Are there any real-life Hollywood men or relationships that mirror Christian Grey or his and Anastasia Steele's relationship? Just curious. There were a few that came to mind while reading the book that had me wondering.

Dear XXX:
Sorry doll, but even in Hollyweird that deliciously dirty dish is reserved for the bedroom, or at least our Blind Vice archives. Rihanna may sing about S&M and Instagram nearly naked pics, but I don't even think bad-gal RiRi would start snapping shots of a real-life Red Room. And as far as any S&M Vicers? Well, that's a whole 'nother question.

Dear Ted:
Is Judas Jack-Off the not-American, lanky and muscled Alexander Skarsgård? It would explain some of his dating choices.

Dear Dating Dud:
Not a bad guess, S, but no, JJO is not A.Skars. But that doesn't mean Skars isn't equally as Vicey. As for his dating life, I agree that Skars and Kate Bosworth were totally blah together, but he was rumored to be with Charlize Theron for a hot minute, and that's a pretty solid catch if ya ask us!

Dear Ted:
I read some entertainment sites that mentioned some possible actresses up for the role of Johanna in Catching Fire, including my favorite Dianna Agron. Is this just wishful fan-casting dreams or has Ms. Agron actually auditioned? Have you heard of any other movie projects she might be up for now that her time at Glee seems to be cut down?

Dear Gleeful for the Big Screen:
As much love as I have for Dianna, I wouldn't put much stock in the Hunger Games rumor. Remember when Robert Pattinson was rumored to play Finnick?Yeah, like that was ever going to happen. Not saying that she couldn't pull it off, but I just don't see it happening. And remember, Dianna's future on Glee is not 100 percent certain (Ryan has invited all the castmembers back) and that will definitely play a part in her future projects.

Dear Ted:
I get that you are busy, so could someone please give me any answer? What "behind-the-scenes drama" was there in any of the Twilight movies? People print that but there is never a "real" story. Were there fights? I don't need a play-by-play just the CliffsNotes...I trust only you, Ted!
Too Sick @ 46 w/ 4 Cats & Just Want to Live Long Enough to See BD2!

Dear Drama Gist:
This should sum it up for ya. You're welcome. And love to your furry friends!

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