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Oh, the luxurious lifestyles of those rich and famous franchise stars!

They basically run Hollywood these days, what with their movies making gajillions of dollars at the box office and all that. But it's when they step out of that limelight that their perfect little facades fade away and their naughty little secrets come to light.

Like, say, Sammy Sniffles and a late night secret that's yet to be exposed...

Until now.

Sammy recently appeared in a mucho-hyped big screen flick, Three Cheers for the Underdog. One of those million dollar popcorn flicks that comes with action figures, legions of devoted fans and instant A-list credit.

And Sam does not disappoint when it comes to living the franchise lifestyle.

For one, S2 is into that whole fakey romance thing (complete with lovey-dovey paparazzi pics, natch), and, while that's one secret Sam would not want revealed, there's a nastier Vice that's starting to draw even more attention:

Cocaine! And loads of it!

Yep, like so many stars of yesteryear (or even yesterday), as soon as Sammy made it big in Tinseltown, the drugs started flowing. Now, Sam—discreetly, of course—will spend the whole night snorting lines of blow.

So when does the party end? Well, it doesn't, really.

Sammy does enough coke to stay awake through the wee hours of the morning, then heads directly from the party to whatever sort of work Sniffles has that day.

So far though, Sam hasn't slipped. But we're assuming it's only a matter of time.

AND IT AIN'T: Kristen Stewart, Josh Hutcherson, Chris Hemsworth

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