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We hear Madonna hates being called Madge.

So, here's the latest fashion report on Madge: She's about to embark on a new tour and everyone's gossiping about what the theatrical queen of pop will be wearing onstage.

Actually, wait a second, this is Madonna. The real question should be what will she not be wearing on stage?

(After all, during a typical show, we pretty much get to witness her cervical exam.) This time around, we can report that the "Material Girl" will be supporting her MDNA album by expressing a great love for her own assets. How? Via underwear she designed herself.

We got a peek at Madonna's new costumes, including several sets of underpants and bras designed from her own Truth or Dare fashion line. With its black-and-leopard-print detailing we have to say the most noticeable bra is kind of tame for a girl who published a whole book of naked pics of herself.

But those knickers! Those are another story. They may betray a keen sense of self love (we get it, Madge, you love your booty) but that doesn't mean we don't want a pair for ourselves.

Do they come in our size?

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