Matthew Fox, Dominic Monaghan

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Dear Ted:
Did Dominic Monaghan guess correctly about Matthew Fox's Vice with his Twitter comment?
—Amanda F.

Dear Blowing Smoke Monsters:
No. Though Dominic's tweets about his former Lost costar were certainly more shocking than the finale bombshell that the castaways had all kicked the bucket (sorry for the two-year-old spoilers), they don't have anything to do with Matthew's moniker. For the record, it should be noted that the assault charges against Fox have been dropped.

Dear Ted:
In regards to Monaghan vs. Fox: meee-ooow! Leaving out the issue at hand, I must say as a huge Lost fan it certainly sparks my curiosity about how that cast got along. Would I be correct in assuming Dom is not the only one who'd like to take to their Twitter account and spew some harsh things Fox's way? Was it all Losties vs. Fox on set or more cliquey? Hugs!

Dear No Man is an Island:
While what happened on the island mostly stayed on the island, I think it was pretty clear that it wasn't totally a paradise over there. Hey, just look at how many of the stars got DUIs during their stint in Hawaii. That said, Matthew wasn't the only castmember ruffling feathers—but he did ruffle his fair share.

Dear Ted:
Are these casting choices the only mail you get anymore? I'm sick of Fifty Shades of Grey already and I haven't even picked up the book yet. Allow me to remedy this. A while ago, I asked you whether Judas Jack-Off was born in the United States, and at the time you said you couldn't answer that but it was a great question. Now that the Supernatural guys have been notted (thank you finally!) can you answer the question?

Dear Patience Pays Off:
No, he was not. As for Fifty Shades, get on board, babe! Because that sexy saga isn't dying down anytime soon! People have very passionate opinions on who should play our mysterious Mr. Christian Grey, so of course I'm going to let them duke it out in the column.

Dear Ted:
How happy are you with the PDA-filled Cannes trip of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? Me…? I can't believe I'm still alive after that! LOL
—It's Me!

Dear Cannes Gone Wild:
How do you think I am?! Obviously the same as you. Though I was expecting it…and expect more of the same in the near future. You should too.

Dear Ted:
I'm excited you'd accept my dinner invite! Yay! Has Harriet Talons ever spoken about meeting Toothy Tile in the press? Thanks!

Dear Blabbermouth:
What a very specific question, Nic! I'm curious who you think each Vice moniker belongs to. But either way the answer is no. If Harriet and T2 have even met it was only for a second at some industry event.

Dear Ted:
Where has Ryan Gosling been lately? He really hasn't been seen in public since last month.

Dear Bye Bye Ry?
Don't you know, M? He's waiting in his superhero lair for the Gos signal to light up the Manhattan sky. Then he'll do his save-a-damsel-in-distress thing again. And I'm sure he's plenty enjoying his time with Eva Mendes while he waits.

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